El Paso Flight Information

For any questions regarding flight data and schedules, please contact your respective airline.

Information on the Arrivals and Departures screens comes from real-time data and is updated every few minutes.

Flight data that you see here covers a four-hour period: 2 hours before the current time and 2 hours after the current time. This allows you to see both past and future flight information.


DALLAS-FORT WORTHAmerican Airlines5808A205:20 AMArrived
DALLASSouthwest Airlines710B705:37 AMIn Air
AUSTINSouthwest Airlines626B605:48 AMIn Air
DALLAS-FORT WORTHAmerican Airlines1149A306:19 AMIn Air
LOS ANGELESAmerican Airlines6078A106:11 AMIn Air
ATLANTADelta Air Lines851B0106:15 AMIn Air
HOUSTONUnited Airlines6281B906:30 AMIn Air
LAS VEGASSouthwest Airlines1652B306:13 AMIn Air
PHOENIXAmerican Airlines5898A406:23 AMIn Air
SAN ANTONIOSouthwest Airlines1641B406:24 AMIn Air
CHICAGOUnited Airlines4572B806:27 AMOn Time
CHICAGOAmerican Airlines3801A206:43 AMIn Air
DENVERUnited Airlines4763B906:45 AMOn Time
HOUSTONSouthwest Airlines724B307:00 AMOn Time
PHOENIXSouthwest Airlines2214B307:05 AMOn Time
SAN DIEGOSouthwest Airlines6006B307:30 AMOn Time
SALT LAKE CITYDelta Air Lines3993B0208:00 AMOn Time
HOUSTONUnited Airlines6383B908:00 AMOn Time
DALLASSouthwest Airlines1553B308:01 AMOn Time
DALLAS-FORT WORTHAmerican Airlines5728A308:16 AMOn Time
PHOENIXAmerican Airlines5717A209:12 AMDelayed